I have created this blog as a Teacher's diary, to record and share my learning experience in integrating ICT as a Teacher of English as a foreign language.

I think of learning as a journey, I am learning something new every day; learning for me is a life-long process.  

Although I created this blog some years ago, you will notice I have just restarted posting on it. It was not my intention to stop using it but due to certain circumstances that I will deal with in my future posts, I came to a standstill. It was not until I decided to do something to overcome the effect of those events and continue learning that I can be making a fresh start now.

As with everything in life, in this learning journey with ICT, there are beginnings that fill me with joy and sometimes, there are endings, which can make me feel sad. I cannot change sad happenings, but I can definitely choose how to react and respond to them, that is, either facing them and dealing with them in a constructive and healthy way or getting stuck in them and always getting the same results. Because I chose the former is that I could move on and reach a new stopover in my learning journey, and what is most important, as a result, grow as a teacher, but above all, as a person.

I hope this blog can be an inspiration for other teachers who are also travelling on the wonderful journey of learning.

You are welcome to drop by and leave your comments. 

Thank you for visiting my blog!


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